Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By using this site www.sscarsjapan.com and our services we take for granted that you have read, understood, and agree to respect and follow these terms and all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms please do not use this site. Any claim relating to the use of this site arising from the use of or orders made on the site should be notified to the owners immediately. SscarsJapan has copyrights and have firm Legal Rights and Privacy Policy as explained hereby.

SS Cars (PVT) LTD International hold personal stocks, for sale of used vehicles. Sometimes we are acting (partially) as a middle-person between the auction companies of Japan and customers. We advise and assist in getting the right vehicle for you from Japan. We are not responsible for any requests that are misunderstood considering any vehicle shown on our database as our stock unless specified otherwise. However through our Newsletter and E-mails there will be advertisements of some vehicles, which are exchanged directly from End-users and available for sale. An invoice copy of purchase made on customer's behalf is a supporting document for principles of trust and open information exchange. All the purchasing on behalf of customers are initiated after confirmation of orders by the customers followed by token money. Token money can be easily transferred online using *PayPal & major credit cards. See Online Payments.

We take responsibility by will to arrange exports and all related process in sending vehicles out of Japan. But, we are however not responsible for other party's local import rules if some or all vehicles are refused to enter in their requested country.

We will use your information to provide and personalize our services. We will also use your contact details to communicate with you. We may use your information to send you offers and news about SS Cars (PVT) LTD products and services or those of other carefully selected companies which we think may be of interest to you. We may contact you by post, email, telephone (including SMS) or fax for these purposes. Your confirmation e-mails (which may include details of car bookings or other services booked through our websites) may include marketing material which we may feel will be of interest to you from other third parties.

Standards / Laws of Importing Countries
Customer will be responsible to confirm the import law and costums duties with the authorities in your country before you make a purchase from us. 
SS Cars (PVT) LTD will not be responsible for any claim related with such rules.

Customer Confidentiality
Customers particulars, Invoice Details, Transactions with us are kept strictly confidential. Please look at our use of Acceptance policy.

Vehicle Inspection
Private vehicle inspection is charged at a minimum cost of 150$ per vehicle. JAAI and JEVIC inspection charge will not be included in the FOB price. If the costumer asks for any reparation of the vehicle we will charge the full cost for it. If SS Cars (PVT) LTD has to re-channel the transportation between stockyards, in order to provide certain services and full photo session. In such cases onward local transportation to port of discharge will also be included in the FOB price.

The Seller shall not be Liable for
1. Interior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, cigar burns, stain and cuts);
2. Missing or damaged interior equipments (including without limitation shift knobs, head rests, sun shades, spare tires and remote controls);
3. Damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, tiny dents, holes and small rust);
4. Snow tires after market AW not mentioned or wheel lock nut missing (any consumable parts such as oil, tires, AC gas, etc).

Condition of Payment
1. 100% Payments are required (Bank Confirmation), before we board a vehicle on a ship.
2. We accept T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or Cash (From visiting customers and in our official agencies). We also accept advance & guarantee via *PayPal online
3. We initiate process of Buying and/or shipping once we receive money guarantees from the customers.
4. L/C (Letter of Credit) or Bank/Crossed Check is not accepted.
5. We accept payment in all recognized international currencies.
6. Bank-Charges/Commissions are charged to customers.

FOB Japan charges:
1. All service charges.
2. All separate surcharges
3. All auction negotiation fees.
4. All inland transportation.
5. All Forwarding cost.
6. Bank-Charges/Commissions are charged to customers.

Shipment & Insurance Conditions.
1. Shipping is done by the first available ship after we received the payment confirmation from our bank.
2. All documents: (Export-Certificate, Translation of the Export Certificate, Invoice and BILL OF LADING (two originals and 1 copy) are sent by EMS couriers within one week after shipment (Delays in B/L might occur for amendments and corrections upon B/L).
3. Freight charges are based on: A. Volume / Weight of Vehicle (M3 rates apply). B. Destination Port and Currency Exchange rates. C. If You Opt for Container, then charges are calculated per Container basis [Exact freight charges shall be calculated at the time of shipment].
4. Insurance coverage is included in the quoted 'Ocean Charge'. Insurance coverage is for total loss, disasters or acts of God and damages clearly due to negligence of the carrier.
5. Cars are not locked in roll-on and roll-off cases. Therefore insurance will not cover risk of petty thefts.
6. We will not bear responsibility for financial loss or damage caused by shipping delays as we have no control over shipping schedules, bad weather, heavy traffic, overbooking, acts of war & terror and/or their prevention,etc.
7. Upon your request, we can arrange an extra insurance. The cost of an extra insuranceare charged to customers.

Advance Deposit Policy
Token money or Advance deposit from customers is considered as an initial agreement to make purchase through SS Cars (PVT) LTD auctions. If customers do change their mind to withdraw from a bid or cancel from an order or shift to another supplier after an agreement between two parties is made must obey the following rules: * SS Cars (PVT) LTD International will only reimburse to the Bank accounts of the senders from whom the advance is deposited. We do not risk our reputation as a money launderer. * Unable to deliver accepted order within specified time, SS Cars (PVT) LTD will refund the advance deposit less the bank transfer charges.

Order Cancelation policy
1. After a successful purchase on your behalf, refusal to accept the vehicle is fined according to following.
2. JPY 300000 Minimum or (Whichever greater) per vehicle.
3.Unconfirmed payments [by our authorized bank(s) in Japan] in specified time as laid in these terms might result in order cancellation and all the losses are to be charged from the customer.

Vehicles are sold in 'as-it-is condition' as used commodity. We provide the information regarding conditions of the vehicle. BUT SS Cars (PVT) LTD  International cannot provide warranty for any vehicle gone outside Japan. *In cases where we load the parts in separate cargo (e.g. DHL, EMS, OCS) we would be charging the total cost of the deliver. *if a vehicle is re-shipped back it back to Japan we will refund the funds deducting the freight charges and forwarding charges. N.B: SS Cars (PVT) LTD reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time. You should therefore periodically visit our website to determine then current Terms & Conditions to which you are bound.